Farming Extreme Manager

Farming Extreme Manager 3.63

With Farming Extreme Manager you can create and manage your farm
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With Farming Extreme Manager you can create your farm and level up more quickly and easily than ever. You can also manage your Farm: Harvest, Plow and Plant your farm, animals and trees in one click;Accomplish Ribbons: Help every neighbor and fertilize their farms to win money, ribbons and experience; Level Up Really Fast: Using the plow/plant/destroy trick; Create Unique Farms: Use our Exclusive Art Designer to create amazing decorations and win contests; Manage Your Gifts: Automatically and instantly accept all the gifts from your friends; Automatically repeat everything indefinitely: you can plant multiple times while you sleep. The application will close every pop-up message that shows up and even reloads your farm in case of an out-of-sync error.

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